Undead Revelation Unveiled in Black Butler 

Undead Revelation Unveiled in Black Butler 

 Derrick Arden reappears wearing his Scarlet Fox red tie, hinting at his unsettling condition. 

Derrick's Return

 Derrick is revealed to be a zombie, brought back to life by The Aurora Society and The Undertaker. 

Undead Revelation

 The Aurora Society and The Undertaker allude to Victorian occult and mourning culture. 

Victorian References

 The prefects accidentally killed Derrick due to his bullying, complicating their dynamics and motivations. 

Prefects' Guilt

 Sebastian's arrival adds pressure on Ciel as secrets unravel, including his past on the Campania. 

Secrets Unravel

 Flashbacks illustrate Ciel's past at sea, enhancing the episode's narrative depth. 


 Despite past victories, Ciel and Sebastian face uncertainty in dealing with the undead Derrick and the challenges ahead. 

Struggle Ahead