The Lincoln Lawyer: Unveiling Season 3 and the Journey from CBS to Netflix 

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: Showrunner Ted Humphrey provides some insights on the upcoming season 

Why Netflix: Humphrey discusses why Netflix was a better fit for the show compared to CBS 

CBS’s Traditional Format: The show’s dark and serialized nature was not a good fit for CBS’s traditional format 

Creative Vision vs Network Expectations: There was a disconnect between the creative vision of the show and the network’s expectations 

COVID and The Lincoln Lawyer: Humphrey mentions that COVID was the best thing that happened to the show as it allowed them to pivot and sell it to Netflix 

Netflix’s Preference: Netflix prefers more “populist” and “prestigial” shows 

Hollywood’s Landscape: Humphrey acknowledges the current landscape of Hollywood but expresses confidence in the resilience of traditional entertainment 

Ted Humphrey’s Directorial Role: Ted Humphrey directed episodes 2 and 9 in season 3 

Lead Actor’s Recommendation: Humphrey notes the importance of having a Latino lead for the show and recommends watching Baby Reindeer 

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