New Manga 'PEEP' Announced

New Manga 'PEEP' Announced 

 Meguru Ueno will debut a manga titled PEEP in Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine on June 17. 

New Manga Announcement

 PEEP explores a student's secret fascination with an extreme cosplay account, discovering it belongs to a popular classmate. 

Plot Overview

 Ueno ended Gal-Sen manga in October 2021, which began in September 2021 and moved to YanMaga Web in 2022. 

Previous Work

 Ueno launched this manga in 2015, inspiring a 2017 anime adaptation titled "My First Girlfriend is a Gal." 

Hajimete no Gal

 Another Ueno work, a five-volume manga, concluded in March 2021, published by Seven Seas Entertainment. 

Does a Hot Elf Live Next Door to You?

 Kodansha released the ninth and final volume of Gal-Sen in February 2022. 

Publication History

 Seven Seas Entertainment published "Does a Hot Elf Live Next Door to You?" in English. 

English Releases