Kendall Toole Bids Farewell to Peloton: A New Chapter Awaits 

Kendall Toole Bids Farewell to Peloton: A New Chapter Awaits 

Kendall Toole's Departure Peloton instructor Kendall Toole has announced her exit from the company after nearly five years. 

Grateful for the Journey "I will forever be grateful for this life experience and transformation and personal growth that this has been for me," Toole shared in her farewell message. 

Teasing Future Plans Toole hinted at her future endeavors, saying, "Stay tuned for what's next and I will see you in the next adventure." 

Thanking the Peloton Community Toole expressed her gratitude towards Peloton and her followers for their support, saying it has been an "absolute honor" to connect with them. 

Emotional Farewell "Thank you for riding with me, for sweating with me, for crying with me, for growing and evolving with me," Toole conveyed in her heartfelt message. 

Not a Goodbye Toole emphasized that this is not a goodbye but a shift, promising to continue engaging with her followers on social media. 

Personal Reflection Reflecting on her journey, Toole mentioned her father’s motivational words: "They can knock you down but they can NEVER knock you out." – 

Mental Health Advocacy Toole has been a strong advocate for mental health, often using her platform and classes to discuss its importance, including leading a special ride for Mental Health Awareness month.