How to Choose the Best Acrylic Nail Kit for Your Nails and Needs

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 This is the main ingredient in acrylic nails. It is mixed with liquid monomer to create a hard, durable material that can be shaped and filed to create the desired nail look.

 Acrylic powder

 This is the solvent that is mixed with acrylic powder to create the acrylic nail mixture. It is important to use a high-quality monomer to prevent the acrylic nails from becoming brittle or peeling 

Liquid monomer

A primer is applied to the natural nail before applying acrylic nails. It helps to create a strong bond between the acrylic nails and the natural nail 


A bonding agent is applied to the natural nail after the primer. It helps to further strengthen the bond between the acrylic nails and the natural nail 

Bonding agent

 A top coat is applied to the acrylic nails after they have been shaped and filed. It helps to protect the acrylic nails from chipping and peeling.

 Top coat

 A cuticle pusher is used to push back the cuticles before applying acrylic nails. This helps to create a clean surface for the acrylic nails to adhere to 

Cuticle pusher

An e-file is a power tool that can be used to shape and file acrylic nails. It is a more precise tool than a traditional file and can help to create a smooth, even finish.


 Nail tips are used to extend the length of the natural nail. They can be applied with acrylic nails or gel nails.

Nail tips

Nail forms are used to create the desired shape of the acrylic nails. They are typically made of plastic or paper and are placed under the natural nail before applying the acrylic nails 

Nail forms