Everything You Need to Know About Gel Nail Extensions

Written by Womancaredeals.com

 Gel nail extensions are a type of nail enhancement that uses a gel to create a hard, durable layer over the natural nail.

Gel nail extensions are typically more durable than acrylic nail extensions and can last for up to 2 weeks 

Gel nail extensions can be applied at a salon or at home.

To apply gel nail extensions, a nail technician will first file and shape your natural nails. They will then apply a base coat, followed by a layer of gel. The gel will be cured under a UV light.

 Once the gel is cured, the nail technician will apply a top coat.

Gel nail extensions can be removed at home or at a salon. To remove gel nail extensions at home, you will need to soak your nails in acetone 

Gel nail extensions can be a good option for people who have weak or brittle nails.

Gel nail extensions can be a bit more expensive than other types of nail enhancements 

Gel nail extensions can be a good way to achieve a long, glamorous nail look.