8 Stylish Party Outfits Ideas for Girl

Written by Womancaredeals.com

The Shimmery Sequin: Wear a sequin dress of any colour of your choice and try to go minimal on accessories. You can even wear a sequin top and pair it with a pair of ripped jeans and you are good to go. Let’s not forget the shoes! Wear heels or white canvas, whatever makes you comfortable. 

The Little Black Dress: You can match it up with gold accessories (fancy) as well because the combination of black and gold is as classy as anything can be! Coming to the shoes now! A black dress will go perfectly with heels of your choice or even fancy boots. 

The Silk Top:A silk top is very feminine and totally in trend right now. With your favourite silk top, you can wear fitted jeans.Keep your accessories bold. And to complete the look, wear heels or white sneakers (adding a little sporty element is always cool).

The Denim Jacket: The best denim jackets for a party look are the ones with prints or beads or any kind of special embellishments. A ripped one will do the job as well.If your denim jacket is darker in colour, try to wear it over light colours and if it is light in colour, go with dark colours to stand out from the crowd. 

Jumpsuit: It is one of the most comfortable and easy pieces to wear for any party and will definitely make you look different from the crowd. Try to go for colour blocking while wearing a jumpsuit with the help of accessories. Wear bold colour accessories with a light, pastel coloured jumpsuit and vice versa.  

Pencil Skirt:Pencil skirts have always been the ones to save the day. There are a lot of varieties of pencil skirts - right from sequin sparkly to plain leather. If you have a shiny or sequin pencil skirt, wear a plain coloured top. If you have a plain skirt go for bold and glittery tops. 

Mesh Top: Mesh tops are best and look very elegant and cute at the same time. There is no way your crush can go without looking at you.Try to wear a lace bralette or any other top and wear the mesh top over it, tucking it in your skirt or jeans.

Bralette Top: Bralette tops give the coverage of a corset top while adding the oomph that you need for a party. It is perfect to go for as it is not too revealing and fashionable at the same time.Wear a bralette of any colour and pair it with high waisted jeans or skirts or even shorts.