3 Best Breathing Techniques for Labor

3 Best Breathing Techniques for Labor

 Inhale slowly for 4 seconds, then exhale gradually for 6 seconds, consciously relaxing your body and directing air towards your uterus and baby. 

De-Stressor Breath

 Inhale gently for 4 seconds, then exhale while vibrating your lips together for 6 seconds, which helps release tension in the pelvic floor muscles and jaw. 

Horse Lips

Take a deep inhale, then when the urge to push arises, exhale and mimic a cough, using this gentle technique to aid in the birthing process without excessive strain. 

Cough Breath

 Engage in the described breathing exercises as a team, repeating them to familiarize yourself with the techniques. 

Practice Together

 These breathing methods offer effective pain management, facilitate relaxation, and potentially reduce the risk of perineal tears during childbirth. 


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