15 New Incredible Ways to Use Castor Oil

15 New Incredible Ways to Use Castor Oil 

 Apply to dry skin to dissolve makeup and hydrate skin before washing off with water-based cleanser. 

Castor oil as a natural facial cleanser 

 Add castor oil to body gel for improved lathering and skin hydration, reducing the need for additional moisturizer. 

Enhance body gel

 Use castor oil for its antimicrobial properties to soothe and moisturize fresh tattoos, aiding in healing. 

Tattoo aftercare

 Mix with essential oils to repel mosquitoes and ticks safely, offering a chemical-free alternative to traditional bug sprays. 

Natural insect repellent 

 Apply castor oil to cuticles for softening and moisturizing, aiding in nail care and maintenance. 

Cuticle softener

 Use castor oil to promote stronger and faster nail growth, applying with a roller ball for precision. 

Nail growth treatment

Apply castor oil to hair ends to seal cuticles, reduce split ends, and prevent further damage, enhancing hair health.

 Split end treatment