Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies on Shudder

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10. Infested

Kicking off our list at number 10 is “Infested,” a French horror movie released earlier this year on Shudder. It is one of the best creature feature horror movies in recent times. “Infested” tells the story of Caleb, an outsider living in a rundown Parisian apartment building. His life unravels further when he buys a rare venomous spider, which escapes, leading to an infestation of deadly, rapidly reproducing spiders. Residents are trapped in their apartments by a quarantine, and the situation quickly spirals out of control. “Infested” is one of the best horror movies of 2024. However, arachnophobes should stay away from this movie for their own good.

9. The House That Jack Built

Taking the number nine spot on our list is “The House That Jack Built,” an extremely disturbing movie about Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer in Washington state. Over 12 years, he commits numerous murders, each depicted through flashbacks and accompanied by social commentary. The film uses Dante’s Inferno as a metatext, structured as a series of vignettes relayed by Jack to the Roman poet Virgil. Jack attempts to justify his crimes as grand artistic gestures. Directed by the legendary Lars von Trier, “The House That Jack Built” is a gritty, dark comedy, art-house horror gem you can’t miss.

8. Late Night with the Devil

Next on our list is “Late Night with the Devil,” one of the most popular horror movies of 2024. The film is set on Halloween night in 1977 and centers around Jack Delroy, a talk show host desperate to save his show from being canceled. He decides to have a parapsychologist and her subject, Lily, a survivor of a satanic cult, appear on his show.

Jack plans to connect with the demon inside Lily during the live show. However, things take a terrifying turn when Lily starts levitating, her head splits open, and fire bursts out, causing chaos in the studio and leading to deadly consequences. “Late Night with the Devil” stands out for its originality and uniqueness. If you’re tired of modern horror movies, this one is worth checking out.

7. Satanic Hispanics

Coming in at number seven on our list is “Satanic Hispanics,” a horror anthology featuring five segments, each with a unique tone and style. The wraparound segment, “The Traveler,” follows a survivor of a police raid who recounts four tales of Latin American legends.

These tales include a vampire who forgot to account for daylight saving time and a man who finds himself on the wrong side of a powerful witch. The film explores themes of magic, folklore, and the supernatural, showcasing the talents of a diverse cast of Latin actors and actresses. “Satanic Hispanics” is one of the best horror comedies in recent times. The cinematography, performances, and direction are amazing. It’s likely to become a cult classic.

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6. Stop Motion

At number six on our list is “Stop Motion,” which premiered on Shudder in May and quickly became an instant hit. This dark and psychologically horrifying film features brilliantly crafted stop-motion animation. The story follows Ella Blake, a young stop-motion animator who is compelled to finish her ailing mother Suzanne’s final film due to Suzanne’s crippling arthritis.

When Suzanne suffers a stroke, Ella rents a studio apartment to complete the project on her own. She then encounters a mysterious young girl who persuades her to abandon the original film in favor of bringing a disturbing story about a girl lost in the woods to life. As Ella becomes increasingly consumed by the project, she starts to lose her grip on reality. The film masterfully blends live action with Ella’s unsettling stop-motion creations to depict her descent into madness.

5. The Mortuary Collection

Next up, we have “The Mortuary Collection,” a 2019 horror anthology film that follows Sam, a young drifter who applies for a job at a local mortuary run by the eccentric Montgomery Dark. As she evaluates her potential new boss, Montgomery regales her with a series of macabre tales from his collection of death stories. Each story is set in a different era and explores a unique horror subgenre.

The film features four segments: a flirtatious woman’s encounter with a strange creature in a 1950s restroom, a fraternity member’s promiscuity leading to a gruesome comeuppance in the 1960s, a depressed husband’s dark thoughts about his comatose wife in the 1970s, and a psychotic killer targeting babysitters and children in the 1980s. The wraparound story follows Sam as she becomes increasingly intrigued by Montgomery’s collection and the dark secrets it holds.

4. You’ll Never Find Me

At number four on our list is “You’ll Never Find Me.” Set in an isolated caravan park with a limited cast, the story revolves around Patrick, a lonely resident, and a mysterious young woman who seeks shelter at his door during a violent storm. As the night progresses, the woman discovers unsettling things about Patrick, making it difficult for her to leave.

The film explores themes of fear, distrust, and suspense, with the characters’ pasts and intentions shrouded in mystery. “You’ll Never Find Me” crafts a tense, impactful experience with slow-burning tension, avoiding cheap jump scares. This Australian horror gem showcases a well-crafted story, thoughtful direction, and a dedicated cast.

3. Sea Fever

At number three on our list is “Sea Fever,” a science fiction horror thriller. The story follows Siobhan, a scientist who is researching deep-sea fauna and boards a fishing trawler. The trawler gets stranded at sea after encountering an unknown organism, leading to a parasitic infection in the water supply.

As the crew fights for survival, they realize that the organism has injected its larvae into the boat, causing a deadly outbreak. “Sea Fever” is more of a sci-fi thriller than a horror film. A highly underrated movie from 2020, it is highly recommended.

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2. Ghost Stories

At number two on our list is “Ghost Stories,” a British anthology horror film that follows Professor Phillip Goodman, a skeptic dedicated to debunking fraudulent psychics. Goodman’s beliefs are challenged when he investigates three inexplicable cases. The first involves a night watchman haunted by a young girl’s spirit in an abandoned asylum.

The second is about a teenager whose car breaks down after hitting a creature in the woods. The third revolves around a financier plagued by a poltergeist while awaiting his child’s birth. As each story unfolds, Goodman struggles to reconcile the idea of the afterlife with logical reasoning. It’s a spooky, existential, and captivating journey, giving horror fans a taste of everything.

1. The Coffee Table

At number one on our list is “The Coffee Table,” a Spanish black comedy horror film directed by Kay Casas. The story follows Jesus and Maria, a struggling couple who have just become parents. They purchase a new coffee table to make a fresh start, setting off a series of unexpected and life-changing events.

The film is a slow burn, building tension and suspense, ultimately taking the viewer on a tragic and gripping journey. I highly recommend it to fans of horror and thriller films.

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