Best Small Jewelry Business Ideas for womens in 2024

Hii, I’m Avnish, and on this website, I help women become financially independent. And today’s article is no different. In today’s article, we’re going to be talking about how you can make your first $1,000 or your first $110,000 with jewelry. And for a lot of these ideas, you don’t have to be a jewelry expert. You don’t have to have a large social media following. My team and I have spent a good amount of time digging up different small business inside hustle models that can be executed very easily by you so that you can start making money from home.

I have nine ideas for you today, and eight of them are actually small business inside hustle ideas. But in number nine, I’m going to be spilling the tea on how you can access $7,500 to start up your jewelry business. Because it’s one thing for us to have very clear actionable ideas, but it’s another thing for us to have capital to execute these ideas. And so in today’s article, we’re doing both. I’m going to share eight ideas for you, pick the one that works for you, and then number nine is the one you don’t want to miss.

Because if you have a clear idea of what $7,500 could do to help you launch your jewelry business, then number nine is the one you definitely do not want to miss. So to get the most value out of this article, make sure you watch it all the way from number one to number nine. Now, without further ado, let’s get into today’s article.

Idea 1: Launch Your Own E-Commerce Jewelry Website

Number one is honestly the hardest one on this list, and it gets so much easier after this. However, it is one of the most profitable ones on this list. I mean, this young woman went from working as an assistant to making over $700,000 in her jewelry business.

To begin, you’ll need to launch your own e-commerce jewelry website. Now, honestly, you could start with as little as $500 for this one, but you need to have at least $500. First, secure a domain name. You can get a quick domain name from GoDaddy.com or Squarespace domains. Then, utilize a drag-and-drop website builder like Wix, Squarespace, or HubSpot. Whatever you choose, ensure it’s a simple drag-and-drop website builder to construct your e-commerce store.

Next, head over to Alibaba.com to source for manufacturers. You would be able to procure jewelry pieces for as low as $2 a piece, though they typically prefer bulk orders, such as 100 pieces for $200. Test out different manufacturers on Alibaba.com or AliExpress.com to find the ones that can produce the kind of jewelry you want.

Once you’ve identified suitable manufacturers, reach out to influencers in the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion space. Pitch your jewelry to them because when influencers wear your pieces, many others will want to wear them too. With around $500 to invest and some effort, launching a jewelry e-commerce store could be the ideal venture for you.

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Idea 2: Consider Dropshipping

Number two. If you don’t have any capital, like you don’t have money, you’re not working with any budget, but you do have time to put into this and to pay attention to whoever buys from you, then drop shipping might be the way to go.

Now, dropshipping is a great business model for some people. And I say some people because with the dropshipping model, you do not need any inventory. You do not need any jewelry. You don’t need a warehouse. What you need is a social media page, like an Instagram page, or a website where you can put images of what your jewelry would be.

Here’s how it works: Just like point number one, you find a manufacturer on a website like Alibaba.com or AliExpress.com. But instead of buying in bulk to sell, all you need from them are samples. If you like the samples, then you can hop onto Canva and create images and flyers to attract buyers. Promote it on social media.

When buyers purchase from your website, instead of you fulfilling the order, your manufacturer does the work. They package the jewelry and drop it with whoever has ordered from you. I have two friends who run dropshipping businesses, and they’ve generated multiple six figures.

If you want me to spend some time researching dropshipping to create a full tutorial about it – how it works, how you can do it sustainably without compromising your integrity – let me know in the comments.

Dropshipping isn’t limited to jewelry. It can be used for clothes, waist trainers, and more. If you want a comprehensive tutorial on dropshipping, comment below, and my team and I will get to work.

Idea 3: Establish a Custom Jewelry Etsy Store

Number three. Having a custom jewelry Etsy store can be a game-changer. The reason why I recommend custom jewelry is because competition decreases when you’re able to offer personalized pieces to your customers. While anyone can walk into a store and buy jewelry, customized pieces add a unique touch. Imagine being able to put people’s names or initials on a necklace. Etsy is the perfect marketplace for such offerings.

Consider this: thousands of pieces have been sold in custom jewelry stores on Etsy. It’s a testament to the demand for personalized pieces. Take a moment to crunch the numbers. Custom-made jewelry can lead to significant sales.

Take inspiration from successful Etsy sellers who quietly build their businesses by offering custom-made jewelry. It’s a proven strategy to tap into a niche market and stand out from the competition.

Idea 4: Start a Jewelry Restoration Business

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Number four. Launching a jewelry restoration business can be a lucrative venture. This is big business. If you’re equipped with jewelry restoration tools, you’re poised for success. Think about it – individuals who are engaged or married often encounter situations where their precious jewelry needs restoration. Imagine the sentiment attached to a ring that holds family history, like a grandmother’s ring. When such pieces need repair, owners are quick to seek out a jewelry restoration company.

This is where you step in. If you enjoy working with your hands and engaging in DIY projects, starting a jewelry restoration business could be your calling. It’s a chance to provide a valuable service while indulging your passion for craftsmanship. Don’t underestimate the demand for skilled artisans in this field.

Idea 5: Run Jewelry Auctions on Social Media

Running jewelry auction sales on social media can be a highly profitable endeavor. This model has proven successful in other industries, such as the bag industry. Take, for example, a woman on TikTok who generates $50,000 per auction. These auctions typically last for about an hour, during which she sells designer bag pieces sourced from various sources. Remarkably, these items are not brand new; they are pre-owned designer bags that hold sentimental value for many buyers. Through her auctions, she has managed to quit her 9 to 5 job and earn a substantial income.

Jewelry is undoubtedly another industry where this auction model can thrive. Platforms like The RealReal and Poshmark offer opportunities to find valuable pieces such as Chanel earrings or AMZ necklaces. These items may be pre-loved but hold significant value, with some pieces even selling for higher prices than their original purchase. If this resonates with you, dive into platforms like Poshmark, The RealReal, and Fashionphile to discover treasures. Embrace TikTok as a platform to host your auctions and embark on the journey of earning substantial profits.

Idea 6: Begin a Jewelry Cleaning Business

Number six is to start a jewelry cleaning business. Now, this one is not fancy. It’s not a big deal. You’re probably not going to make a million dollars off of this, but it’s a simple business model where there’s a lot of demand, and you can get into it and start making a living from it.

Idea 7: Launch Event-Specific or Market-Specific Jewelry Lines

Creating a jewelry line tailored for specific events or markets is indeed a brilliant strategy. By specializing in niches like bridal parties, you’re tapping into a lucrative market where customers often purchase multiple pieces at once. The potential for bulk sales is immense, especially considering that one customer could be buying for an entire group of bridesmaids.

With a targeted approach, you’re not just selling jewelry; you’re offering a solution perfectly suited to the occasion. It’s about more than just making a sale; it’s about becoming an integral part of life’s special moments. So go ahead, seize the opportunity to shine bright in the world of event-specific jewelry – your customers will thank you, and your business will thrive.

Idea 8: Start a Jewelry-Focused Lifestyle Blog

Number eight introduces a classic yet effective approach: starting a blog. In this case, a lifestyle blog centered around jewelry. By sharing your passion for jewelry through engaging content, you’ll naturally attract like-minded individuals who are eager to read your posts and follow your journey. Here’s where the beauty lies: within your blog, you can seamlessly integrate affiliate links to various jewelry brands.

With each click and subsequent purchase made through those links, you’ll earn a commission. It’s a win-win situation: your readers gain valuable insights and recommendations, while you generate income by leveraging your expertise and online presence. In a digital age brimming with endless possibilities, embracing opportunities like affiliate marketing is a savvy move that can significantly boost your financial prospects. So dive into the world of blogging with enthusiasm, and watch as your passion for jewelry transforms into a profitable endeavor.

Idea 9: Accessing Grants for Jewelry Businesses

And number nine, which is the creme de la creme of this article: Number nine is not a business idea. It is a grant. Yes, practically free money. There’s a grant that’s specifically for women, but even beyond that, it’s for people who want to launch jewelry businesses. Yes, there’s a grant for that. It is called the Holstead Grant, and it offers $7,500 in startup funds for jewelry businesses.

It also offers up to $1,000 in jewelry merchandise, which means they’re going to give you free jewelry to start your jewelry business. So if you’re serious about this, if you’re like Vanessa, I’m not just watching these articles for fun. I actually want to start something so I can start making money from home, so I can spend time with my family, so I can quit my crusty job, then you might want to jump on this one.

Because they give you capital, they give you the resources, and you don’t have to pay this money back because it’s a grant. And I know a lot of us are skeptical and yes, there’s barely anything like free money, except it’s a grant, and this is a grant. So it would be amazing if someone from this community is able to grab the Holstead Grant. And as usual, I only ask one thing of you: If you’re the one who wins the grant or if you start one of these businesses and you blow up, make sure you come back and let us know because your testimony would serve as encouragement to other women.

So in the same way that I haven’t kept anything from you, don’t keep from this community either. Remember that I’m rooting for you, so please do not stop rooting for yourself. And until next time, please take care.