Newest Dress Trends for 2024

This video is all about the newest dress trends for 2024. Fringe is making a comeback in a big way, adding movement and dimension to outfits. It’s a playful way to wear a dress if you like the thicker streaks of material flowing down to your knees. This season, we also see the fringe in subtle ways incorporated as tweed fringe hemlines. Many dresses and skirts are also more noticeable this season, as you will see them featured throughout today’s style.

Fringe: Tweed Styles for Versatile Wear

Continuing on from 2023, this season we see tweed styles take on more approachable and wearable designs. While it’s popular right now, once it dies down a little bit, tweed is never fully out of style and can be phased in more with the rest of your wardrobe by opting for colors that you already have or even neutrals and playing with shades. Instead of going for the bubblegum pink, for example, move over red, burgundy is the new color for spring. This deep, moody hue adds depth to outfits because it’s noticeable without being attention-seeking, a frequent pattern that I strive to aim for while dressing.

Burgundy: Burgundy Dominates Spring

If you’ve been watching my videos, you’ve seen that the cherry red and darker shades dominate this year. It comes to no surprise that dressing this spring and summer in lighter fabrics will also be captured in red. I have to include this red set from Reformation advertised by Monica Lewinsky.

She is featured in their newest workw campaign. Now, we must take note of this set. Beautifully designed, flattering the hourglass silhouette, the A-line skirt, and slight boat neck cut neckline, the plum style is also trending this season. Overall, it’s a beautiful look. I can see this becoming the understated, elegant image of the campaign, but I’ll go over more looks in a moment under the next category.

Timeless Elegance: Picks from Reformation

And speaking of Reformation, if there are two dresses that I would pick from them, they are timeless and gorgeous pieces. The first is the Nadira dress, which has delicate bows on the shoulders, very alluring and playfully feminine. The second pick is the Brighton dress because of the sweetheart neckline emphasized even more by the upside-down triangular shoulder strap. The A-line is flattering across many body shapes and the length is perfect.

I can see this dress being relevant and wearable without looking dated for years to come. Do check out other patterns as well if red seems too date night for you. I know many of us don’t feel brave enough to wear red during the day or don’t find it really appropriate. So, as long as everything else is minimalistic such as kitten heels or ballet flats, a silk scarf perhaps on the shoulders, it’s a great way to make more use of it.

Romantic Details: Embracing ‘Girl Core’ Aesthetic

Feminine details like bows, rosettes, ruffles, and lace are popping up across many brands this spring. This trend, dubbed ‘girl core,’ embraces a romantic and whimsical aesthetic. Look for dresses and skirts with these delicate details; they will be easy to find. I am in love with this corset dress.

It is such a classic cut style, feminine and flattering without seeking attention, roomy while maintaining the shape in plenty of colors to choose from. Floral and chiffon combinations are really big this year. We’ve seen this motif also in JLo’s ‘This is me now’ movie where the red flower played a big part as the core symbol of the movie. Here, I would look for pink pastels, also girly colors. Accents such as bows, delicate jewelry, addition as mentioned before, it is so adorable and girly and everything we imagine summer feels like.

Professional with a Twist: Playful Office Wear

Office wear is in focus, making a sexy comeback as we see influences from the ’90s being incorporated with disruptive touches. This trend has a playful and fashion-forward twist to classic office attire, allowing us to express our personal style while maintaining a professional look.

But because we’re talking about dresses here, we can expect to see dresses that incorporate a classic professional look as a backdrop to a more dramatic effect through color, shape, or cutout. Ralph Lauren brings the classic knit dress to life in traditional black and white with a deeper cleavage, while Veronica Beard rethinks the blazer dress mixed with coat bell details in a more feminine silhouette.

Athletic Prep: Classic Preppy Styles with a Twist

Next, we have the athletic prep trend combining classic preppy styles with a sporty twist. Polo shirts turned into dresses, a lot of knitwear, track jackets, and button-down shirts are updated with modern cuts and fabrics. It’s a fresh take on leisure, very comfortable and flattering mostly for women who are on the go and want to look decent without trying too hard or spending too much time on getting ready. Belted dresses are very much in, a bigger shaping silhouette which brings nothing but compliments to our outfits.

We can make a bold statement with our accessories by opting for a statement belt layered over a dress that’s not meant to come with one. This season, belts are not just functional but also serve as a stylish accent to your outfit.

Look for belts with unique buckles or embellishments to add a touch of femininity to your look. Always incorporate little details that set your outfit apart from the mundane that everybody expects. Keep the element of surprise. This A-line belt dress from Favorite Daughter is a classic fit that will not go out of style, a well-made staple in an elegant neutral shade that matches everything else in the wardrobe.

Pocket Perfection: Functional and Stylish Details

Pockets are also standing out to me because I don’t usually see them on dresses. This season’s trend features square breast pockets or placed lower on the abdomen. This year, we are showered with lace and styles that feature embroidery head to toe.

A well-made dress will achieve visual balance when the mini length is offset by long sleeves and a close-up cleavage, also beautifully crafted details such as fully covered buttons and a playful A-line shape with a flared out hem. Longer midi length versions are also available. I really like this classic shape from self-portrait, the beautifully scalloped color paired with cute kitten heels. It is lined so you don’t need to worry about it being see-through. Not for the faint of heart but it’s making a clear fashion statement that you are not shy from dressing CET.

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Sky Blue Serenity: Major Color Trend for Spring

Sky blue is said to be a major color trend for spring, evoking feelings of serenity and calm. This soft and airy hue is perfect for spring, adding a refreshing and uplifting touch to our wardrobe. And what a nice change other than a classic green and yellow we’ve seen in prior years.

Look for dresses, tops, and accessories in sky blue to stay on trend this season. The Sailor denim dress is a beautifully crafted piece with the added buttons becoming the focal point, a vertical effect that is elegant and flattering. Denim dresses seem to come back most summers for the last few years, a nice transition for women who like jeans but don’t want to look too girly and frills.

Shine Bright: Metallics for a Glamorous Look

It’s Olympics year, and metallics are a sure way to express the desire to shine and look like a goddess. This trend adds a touch of glamour and drama to your outfit, perfect for a night out or for a special occasion. Here we not only see sequin but a more metallic, glossy texture to floor-length gowns molded around the feminine silhouette. These are the it dresses when you want all eyes on you when entering the room.

Modern Stripes: Bold and Versatile

Moving on to stripes, a bold and modern trend for spring and beyond. There are lots of variations from graphic prints to knit tailoring, contrasting colors such as this dress from Misook is a lovely unique style incorporating romantic elements as well.

We see many beautiful styles out the season with quite complex textures and stripe distribution creating enticing visual effect such as this elongating dress from Zimmerman. It’s probably one of my favorites this year as I find stripes very flattering and if done well, a high-quality dress will know how to work for you and enhance your features.

Sheer Elegance: Feminine and Delicate

Sheer fabric continues to be a popular trend for spring, adding a touch of elegance and femininity to your outfit if worn well. Look for dresses or tops with sheer panels or delicate layers with embroidery for a coquette look. Putting together a feminine outfit has never been easier. This beautiful mesh and lace design has a nude underlayer to allow the top attention without revealing the skin. It’s a playful take on a daytime or cocktail dress.

Floral Charm: 3D Floral Mini Dress

Lastly, in this category, I had to add the cutest flower mini dress with 3D floral additions to the straps. You don’t see this every day. If you’re looking for more feminine inspiration, I have this article to watch next, the coquette style where I share more ways to incorporate girliness in your everyday wear. I’ll see you there next.