Kibbe Flamboyant Natural Body Type : Complete Guide 2023

Your Kibbe body shape is flamboyant natural and you are confused about what to wear and what not Or you are still not sure what your body type is.

In this article, we have covered all the things related to Flamboyant Natural Body Type, after reading this you will not need to read any other article, this is our promise.

So let’s start our article Flamboyant Natural Complete Guide 2023.

First of all, let us know what is Flamboyant Natural Body Type and how can we know whether we are of Flamboyant Natural Body Type or not?

What is Flamboyant Natural Body Type ?

The Flamboyant Natural Body Type is one of the 13 Kibbe Body Types created by Davis Kibbe, people with the Flamboyant Natural Body Type are known for their bold and dynamic qualities. People of flamboyant natural body type are mostly tall and body ratio is balanced from top to bottom.

Let us look at some of the characteristics of the Flamboyant Natural body type.

  • Height: Flamboyant Natural Body Type peoples are typically long and have minimum height around 5’5″
  • Body shape: Flamboyant Natural Body Type people have a straight or rectangular body shape. They have broad shoulders and their waist is undefined.
  • Bone structure: Flamboyant Natural Body Type people have a large bone structure, with broad shoulders, hips, and ribcage.
  • Muscle tone: Flamboyant Natural Body Type people have moderate to high muscle tone.
  • Skin: Flamboyant Natural Body Type people have fair to medium skin, with a natural glow.
  • Hair: Flamboyant Natural Body Type people have thick, coarse hair that is often wavy or curly.
  • Eyes: Flamboyant Natural Body Type people have large almond shape eyes that looks very expressive.
  • Lips: Flamboyant Natural Body Type people have full lips that looks attractive.

Hope you have come to know from the above information that what is Flamboyant Natural Body Type and whether you are of Flamboyant Natural Body Type or not.

Here are some examples of Flamboyant Natural Body Type for more clarity

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Flamboyant Natural Body Type Celebrities

Alessandra Ambrosio : In the realm of supermodels, Alessandra Ambrosio, a Brazilian luminary, commands attention for her statuesque physique and voluptuous contours. She effortlessly adorns herself in billowy, free-flowing garments that serve as a canvas to magnify her innate allure.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Kate Moss : The British icon of the fashion cosmos, emanates a mesmerizing androgynous appeal, capable of rendering any ensemble sublime with her sartorial sorcery.

Kate Moss

Gwyneth Paltrow : an American actress and astute businesswoman, is celebrated for her exquisite and cultivated panache. Her wardrobe predominantly features impeccably tailored suits and dresses that artfully complement her lofty, angular silhouette.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Halle Berry : The American silver screen enchantress, garners accolades for her arresting beauty and formidable thespian prowess. Her attire of choice often comprises form-fitting dresses and opulent gowns that unabashedly showcase her sinuous curves.

Halle Berry

Cindy Crawford : The quintessential American supermodel, boasts timeless beauty and an enduring fashion sensibility. Her predilection leans towards uncomplicated yet elegant attire, a canvas to frame her natural allure.

Christie Brinkley : An American supermodel, renowned for her cascading, sun-kissed tresses and athletically-toned physique, exudes an aura of athletic allure. Her favored attire choices encompass activewear and beachwear, accentuating her innate loveliness.

Christie Brinkley

Charlize Theron : A South African luminary of the cinematic stage, boasts captivating beauty and formidable versatility. Her wardrobe showcases an affinity for meticulously tailored suits and dresses that harmoniously complement her statuesque, angular frame.

Charlize Theron

Kendall Jenner: An American reality TV sensation and model, captivates with her elongated, svelte form and edgy fashion aesthetic. Her signature style is punctuated by the audacious embrace of crop tops, miniskirts, and other audacious ensembles that artfully accentuate her curves.

Rihanna : The Barbadian songstress and actress, fearlessly navigates the realm of style with her audacious and expressive demeanor. Her wardrobe is a treasure trove of body-hugging dresses, leather ensembles, and statement pieces that defiantly spotlight her natural allure.


So these were a few of the celebrities who have flamboyant natural body types. Compare your body with theirs and check if you find any similarities.

The Flamboyant Natural Body Type Style Goals

  • Embrace your natural curves and width.Avoid wearing tight clothes. Choose loose, flowing outfits instead.
  • Show off your tall line. Wear long, uninterrupted lines like maxi dresses, long skirts, or high-waisted pants.
  • Make your outfits lively and interesting. Use fabrics like linen and cotton. Try out prints, patterns, and textures.
  • Wear bold accessories. Put on statement jewelry, big bags, and chunky heels to make your outfits exciting.

Do’s and Don’t for Flamboyant Natural Body Type


  • Embrace your natural curves and width. Don’t be afraid to show off your body!
  • Choose clothes that are loose, flowing, and unconstructed. This will help you look your best.
  • Highlight your vertical line. Wear long, uninterrupted lines in your clothes.
  • Add movement and texture to your outfits. This will make you look more interesting.
  • Accessorize with bold pieces. This will add drama and interest to your outfits.


  • Wear clothes that are too tight or constricting. This will make you look uncomfortable and shapeless.
  • Choose clothes that are too structured or tailored. This will overwhelm your frame.
  • Wear clothes with too many details or embellishments. This will make you look busy and overwhelmed.
  • Wear clothes that are too short or too revealing. This will make you look cheap and trashy.
  • Wear clothes that are too flowy or too loose. This will make you look shapeless and undefined.

Here are some specific examples of clothes that would be flattering for a Flamboyant Natural:

  • Oversized sweaters and blazers
  • Wide-leg pants and maxi skirts
  • Dresses with a loose, flowing silhouette
  • Clothes made from natural fibers, such as linen and cotton
  • Clothes with prints, patterns, and textures
  • Statement jewelry, large bags, and chunky heels

Here are some specific examples of clothes that would not be flattering for a Flamboyant Natural:

  • Bodycon dresses
  • Tailored suits
  • Lacy blouses
  • Sheer fabrics
  • Ruffles and frills
  • Short skirts and dresses

Silhouettes for Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Here are some specific examples of silhouettes that would look good on Flamboyant Natural

  • A-line dresses with a defined waistline
  • Shift dresses with a relaxed fit
  • Maxi skirts with a slit or flare
  • Wide-leg pants with a cropped or ankle-length hem
  • Oversized sweaters with a dropped shoulder or oversized sleeves

Here are some specific examples of silhouettes that would not look good on Flamboyant Natural

  • Bodycon dresses
  • Tailored suits
  • Lacy blouses
  • Sheer fabrics
  • Ruffles and frills
  • Short skirts and dresses
Silhouettes for Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Silhouettes for Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Necklines for the Flamboyant Natural

When choosing necklines, it is important to avoid anything that is too tight, constricting, or high-necked. These necklines will overwhelm your frame and make you look uncomfortable. It is also important to avoid anything that is too fussy or ornate. FNs look best in simple, unconstructed necklines that allow their natural beauty to shine through.

Here are some necklines that are flattering for Flamboyant Naturals

  • Off-the-shoulder necklines
  • V-necklines
  • Square necklines
  • Boat necklines
  • Wrap necklines
  • Asymmetrical necklines
  • Scoop necklines
Necklines for the Flamboyant Natural
Necklines for the Flamboyant Natural

Sleeves for the Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Flamboyant Naturals look great in sleeves that give them comfort and freedom to move. So, sleeves that are loose and flowy are a top pick. Stay away from tight or really long sleeves.

You’ve got the option of three-quarter sleeves. They’re not too short or too long, and they can be worn for casual or slightly dressy occasions.

Want something more playful? Bell sleeves are a fun choice. They add a bit of flair and movement without feeling too tight.

If you’re into relaxed and comfy styles, check out raglan sleeves. They’re laid-back and can also help show off your arms and shoulders.

And if you’re all about flaunting your shoulders and neck, off-the-shoulder sleeves are a cool option. They highlight these areas, which are often standout features for Flamboyant Naturals.

Remember, simple and comfy sleeve styles work best for you. Don’t go for anything too tight or complicated – let your natural beauty shine through!

Sleeves for the Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Sleeves for the Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Separates for Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Loose-fitting trousers: Flamboyant Naturals look fantastic in loose-fitting trousers that allow them to move freely. Think about comfy linen pants or those trendy wide-leg jeans.

A-line skirts: A-line skirts are a top choice for Flamboyant Naturals. They’re loose and flowy, yet they also create a nice shape at the waist, making you look even better.

Maxi dresses: If you’re aiming for a bit of drama and extra length in your outfit, maxi dresses are the way to go. They’re long and loose, which suits the Flamboyant Natural style perfectly.

Tunics: Tunics are super versatile for Flamboyant Naturals who might want to cover up their arms or legs a bit. They’re loose and relaxed, yet still give you a nice outline.

Blazers: Adding a blazer can really spruce up your look, but make sure it’s one that’s comfy and not too structured. A loose-fit blazer is the one to choose.

Sweaters: When it comes to sweaters, go for those that are loose and cozy. Natural fibers are your friend here – they’ll keep you stylish and comfy.

Jackets and Coats for Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Oversized jackets: Need to bring some personality to your outfit? Oversized jackets do the trick. They’re loose, roomy, and give your style a touch of flair, especially on chilly days.

Parkas: Living in colder climates? Parkas are a lifesaver. They’re warm, loose-fitting, and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.

Duffle coats: For a classic look, duffle coats are fantastic. They’re both stylish and loose-fitting, perfect for everyday wear and tear.

Peacoats: When it’s time to dress up a bit, peacoats are your ally. Loose-fitting and made from warm wool, they’re the ideal choice for winter elegance.

Remember, the key for Flamboyant Naturals is to go for separates and jackets that are loose and comfy, while still letting your vibrant style shine through!

Skirts and Pants for Flamboyant Natural Body Type


A-line skirts: A-line skirts are really great for Flamboyant Naturals. They’re loose and flowy, but what’s even better is that they give you a nice waistline that looks amazing on you. You can even add a belt or sash to make your curves pop. You can pick any fabric you like, but going for natural ones like linen or cotton is a smart move.

Maxi skirts: If you’re looking to make a grand entrance, go for maxi skirts. They’re long, flowing, and totally match the Flamboyant Natural style. Any fabric works, but natural choices like linen or cotton fit you perfectly.

Skirts for the Flamboyant Natural
Skirts for the Flamboyant Natural

Tiered skirts: Want something a bit more playful? Tiered skirts are your answer. They’re fun and flirty, adding some bounce to your look without feeling tight. You can choose any fabric, but think about picks like chiffon or silk.

Wrap skirts: Show off those curves with wrap skirts. They fit you just right because you can adjust the wrap to your shape. Linen or cotton are good fabric options for you.

Draped skirts: For a unique and attention-grabbing look, try draped skirts. They not only flatter your silhouette but also highlight your features. Silk or chiffon are great fabric choices.


Wide-leg pants: Flaunt your style and movement with wide-leg pants. They’re roomy and comfortable, perfect if you’re an active Flamboyant Natural. You’ve got flexibility with fabrics, but sticking to natural ones like linen or cotton is a smart choice.

Straight-leg pants: Get that loose and flowy feel with straight-leg pants. They still keep a nice shape. When it comes to fabrics, natural ones like linen or cotton suit you best.

Pants for the Flamboyant Natural
Pants for the Flamboyant Natural

Cropped pants: If you’re in the mood to show off your ankles and legs, go for cropped pants. They can be casual or a bit fancier – it’s up to you. Just like before, natural fabrics like linen or cotton are your go-to.

Culottes: Want something playful and breezy? Culottes are a cool choice. They’re flowy but still give you a nice outline. Any fabric works, but natural ones like linen or cotton match your style.

Joggers: For comfy and stylish days, joggers are your best friend. They’re loose-fitting and made from soft fabrics. Natural choices like cotton or fleece are perfect for everyday wear.

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Makeup Tips for Flamboyant Naturals

Light to medium foundation: Keep your foundation light or medium. You’ve got natural features to show off, so there’s no need for heavy coverage. This way, your skin tone evens out without hiding your unique beauty.

Bronzer and blush: Use bronzer to get that sun-kissed glow, and blush to add a pop of color to your cheeks. Just remember, a little goes a long way. Don’t go overboard with either.

Eye definition: Your expressive eyes can be even more captivating with a touch of eyeliner and mascara. Go for shades that match your natural coloring – that’s where the magic happens.

Bold lip colors: Feel free to rock bold lip shades! Bright reds, pinks, or oranges can really make your look stand out and shine.

Makeup Tips for Flamboyant Naturals

Simple and natural: Embrace your natural beauty by keeping your makeup simple. You don’t need a lot to look fabulous. Just a touch of makeup goes a long way for you.

And here are a few extra tips:

  • Set your makeup with loose, unstructured powders for a great finish.
  • Steer clear of super matte foundation or concealer. It could make your skin look flat.
  • Opt for warm-toned bronzer and blush to bring out your natural radiance.
  • Match your eyeliner and mascara to the color family of your hair and eyebrows.
  • Choose a lip color that’s bold yet complements your skin tone.

Mixing Patterns and Textures for Flamboyant Naturals

1. Start with a Neutral Base: To create a stylish outfit, begin with a neutral piece like black, white, or gray. This gives your look a solid foundation.

2. Add a Pop of Color: Once you’ve got that neutral base, throw in some color! You can introduce patterns with items like scarves, skirts, or jackets that catch the eye.

3. Mix Textures: Here’s where it gets interesting – don’t hesitate to blend different textures. Mix smooth with rough or shiny for a unique touch that adds depth to your outfit.

4. Keep It Simple: Remember, less can be more. While mixing patterns and textures can be super cool, too much all at once might overwhelm your look.

5. Have Fun: The most crucial rule? Have a blast and get creative. Mixing patterns and textures is your chance to express yourself, so let your imagination run wild!

Specific Examples of Mixing Patterns and Textures:

  • Try a patterned skirt or pants with a solid black top.
  • Pair a white top with a jacket or scarf that has stripes.
  • Combine a gray top with a textured sweater or cardigan.
  • Take a neutral-colored dress and add a patterned scarf or belt.
  • Rock a denim jacket over a blouse or shirt with a cool pattern.

Extra Tips for Mixing Patterns and Textures:

  • Pattern Scale: Big patterns are best used in moderation, while smaller ones can be used more freely.
  • Color Harmony: Pick colors that work well together when mixing patterns. Complementary colors or shades from the same color family usually go great together.
  • Accessorize: Accessories like scarves, jewelry, and hats can tie together your patterns and textures while adding extra interest.
  • Experiment: Most importantly, have fun! There aren’t any strict rules. Mixing patterns and textures is your chance to shine, so go ahead and explore different combinations.

Hairstyles for Flamboyant Naturals Body Type

Flamboyant Naturals totally rock a bunch of hairstyles that suit their bold style. Check out these awesome options:

1. Loose and Flowing: FNs have some seriously voluminous hair, so styles that let it flow are fantastic. Think about lobs, layers, or wavy hair – they’ll make you look effortlessly cool.

2. Off-the-Shoulder: Wanna flaunt those shoulders and neck? Off-the-shoulder hairstyles are killer. They highlight your standout features like a pro.

Hairstyles for Flamboyant Naturals
Hairstyles for Flamboyant Naturals

3. Messy and Fun: Get playful with messy hairstyles. Just give your hair a tousle with some texturizing magic or even your fingers – voila, flirty and fun!

4. Embrace Natural: Natural hairstyles? FNs totally got this. You can rock braids, twists, and even cool cornrows with ease.

5. Bold Moves: Don’t hold back on bold hairstyles. FNs can totally pull off daring looks. Think pixie cuts, undercuts, or even those edgy shaved sides.

When it comes to picking a hairstyle, remember to consider your face shape and hair type. The best one for you will make your features shine and boost your confidence.

Some more tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid super tight hairstyles – comfort is key.
  • Opt for styles that are easy to keep up.
  • Try out different looks until you find your fave.
  • And most importantly, let your personality shine!

Here are some hairstyle examples that would be fire on Flamboyant Naturals:

  • A lob with some laid-back waves.
  • Layers with a cool side part.
  • A pixie cut with some textured flair.
  • Up your game with a chic braided updo.
  • And how about turning heads with some awesome cornrows?

Shoes for Flamboyant Naturals Body Type

Flamboyant Naturals (FNs) have this awesome, strong body shape with broad shoulders and hips. They’re like athletes, all tall and with big frames. So, when it’s time to pick shoes, FNs should go for styles that feel comfy and make them look great!

Here’s the scoop on shoe shopping for Flamboyant Naturals:

  • Comfy and Supportive: FNs sometimes have wide feet, so go for shoes that are roomy enough. Narrow ones can feel all cramped and even hurt!
  • Body-Boosting Styles: FNs can totally rock lots of shoe types, but some that really shine are:
    • Statement Shoes: Go big and bold with shoes that stand out. Like sandals that give you height, chunky heels, or sneakers that pop with color.
    • Wide-Leg Shoes: Balance those shoulders and hips with shoes like loafers, oxfords, or cute ankle boots.
    • Open-Toe Shoes: Show off your long legs with sandals, wedges, or espadrilles that let your toes peek out.
  • Quality Materials: Since FNs are always on the move, go for shoes that are tough and well-made. That way, your shoes will last through all your adventures.

Check out these cool shoe ideas for Flamboyant Naturals:

  • Platform Sandals: These sandals give you extra height and style points. They’re comfy too, perfect if you’re out and about.
  • Chunky Heels: These are awesome for FNs. They’re comfy, and they help balance out those wide shoulders and hips.
  • Colorful Sneakers: Want a fun and playful look? Colorful sneakers are the way to go. Dress them up or down, and you’re good to go!
  • Loafers: Loafers are classic and super fancy. They’re easy to wear and comfy for your everyday adventures.
  • Oxfords: Another fancy option! Oxfords are comfy and classy. You can wear them every day and look cool doing it.
Shoes for Flamboyant Naturals Body Type
Shoes for Flamboyant Naturals Body Type

Jewelry for the Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Flamboyant Naturals (FNs) are like super athletes with strong bodies and big shoulders and hips. They’re all about having long limbs and a cool frame. When they’re picking out jewelry, they should go for stuff that’s bold and stands out!

Ready for some jewelry tips for Flamboyant Naturals? Here you go:

  • Big and Chunky: FNs can totally rock big, bold jewelry. Don’t be shy – try stuff like big hoops, earrings that dangle like chandeliers, or necklaces that are chunky and fun.
  • Natural Materials: Since FNs are all about natural beauty, their jewelry should match. Look for pieces made from stuff like wood, stone, or even leather.
  • Colors that Pop: FNs can totally handle bright, fun colors. Don’t be afraid to pick jewelry that’s colorful – like turquoise, coral, or sparkly emerald.
  • Asymmetrical Fun: Since FNs have a body that’s all unique and cool, asymmetrical jewelry fits the bill. Think about things like a bracelet that’s different on each side, or a necklace with a big, cool pendant.
Jewelry for the Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Jewelry for the Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Here are some cool jewelry ideas for Flamboyant Naturals:

  • Big Hoops: Hoop earrings that are big and fabulous add some drama and style. They’re comfy to wear and work for both fancy times and regular days.
  • Chandelier Earrings: These are fancy and cool too. They’re comfy and totally work whether you’re all dressed up or just chilling.
  • Chunky Necklaces: Spice up your outfit with a chunky necklace. Even if you’re wearing a simple T-shirt or a fancy dress, these necklaces bring the glam.
  • Wooden Bracelets: Add a touch of nature to your style with wooden bracelets. They’re great with a simple outfit or even a fancy one.
  • Leather Cuffs: If you’re feeling a bit edgy, leather cuffs are your thing. You can wear them with something basic or jazz up a fancier look.

So, that’s the scoop on Flamboyant Natural body types! They’re all about being strong, confident, and super natural. Picture this: big shoulders, broad hips, and a cool athletic vibe. These guys stand out wherever they go!

The secret to totally rocking the Flamboyant Natural style is getting cozy with what makes you unique. From clothes that feel comfy and easy to move in, to makeup that shows off your features without going overboard – Flamboyant Naturals have a bunch of cool tricks up their sleeves.

Imagine wearing loose and flowy outfits, trying out funky patterns and textures, and adding some bold bling – all to show the world your awesome personality.

Now, let’s talk hair and shoes. Loose and flowy hairstyles? Check. Big, chunky jewelry? Check. Shoes that are all about style and comfort? Check, check! Flamboyant Naturals can strut their stuff feeling all fierce and confident.

Just remember, being a Flamboyant Natural isn’t about following strict rules. Nope, it’s all about showing who you are and letting your unique beauty shine!

So, to all you Flamboyant Naturals, stand tall, love those curves, and let your awesomeness shine through your style. You’ve got the power to make heads turn, make a statement, and be an inspiration to others. Go rock that style, superstar! 🌟