15 New and Surprising Ways to Use Castor Oil

Castor oil is a versatile and natural elixir with a wide range of applications that can enhance your beauty routine, improve your health, and even tackle household tasks. In this article, we will explore “15 New Incredible Ways to Use Castor Oil.” From natural skincare solutions to unexpected household hacks, you’ll find practical tips and insights that showcase why castor oil is a must-have in every home. Let’s dive into these incredible uses and unlock the full potential of castor oil.

1. Natural Facial Cleanser

You can actually use castor oil as a natural facial cleanser, like a cleansing oil. If you have a lot of makeup on, it doesn’t even have to be just to remove makeup. You can put a little bit in your hand. A little goes a long way with this stuff; it is pretty thick. Rub it on your hands and put it all over your face, a dry face, by the way, and it will melt off your makeup. It will give you so much hydration and plump up your skin. It really is good for your skin. Then go in with a regular water-based cleanser and wash everything off. It really gets off all of your makeup.

2. Enhance Body Gel

You could also add castor oil directly to your favorite body gel. Start out slow, just add a little bit at first, shake up the bottle, and it will mix all together. If you want to add more, you totally can. The real benefit here is getting castor oil all over your body. You will find that this will make your body gel lather even better and add moisture and hydration to your skin. When you get out of the shower, you will feel like you don’t need to slather lotion all over your body.

3. Tattoo Aftercare

If you are somebody that likes to get tattoos or maybe you just want one in the future or your husband wants one, consider using castor oil as the aftercare ointment. This has a lot of antimicrobial properties, meaning it actually better prevents infection. It’s extremely healing and soothing, and very moisturizing. Castor oil is so good for many skin conditions and skin ailments. If you see something weird on your skin, try putting castor oil on it for a few days or even a few weeks. You might find it either helps or completely takes it away. It’s great for the treatment of fresh tattoos.

Tatoo AfterCare with Castor Oil

4. Natural Insect Repellent

Castor oil is also a really great natural insect repellent. It works for mosquitoes, ticks, and other annoying bugs we get in spring and summer. Regular bug spray is horribly toxic and full of bad chemicals. I refuse to use any of it on my kids. Castor oil is a safe alternative. You can add essential oils to it to add even more protection like peppermint oil, tea tree oil, frankincense, or citronella. The bugs really don’t like that stuff either. I will also link these little roller balls you can get on Amazon. You can add castor oil and some of your favorite essential oils to them. It’s an easier way to apply it in different areas of your body and you can take it on the go, throw it in your purse, and even use it as perfume.

5. Cuticle Softener

Using that same glass roller ball, you can apply castor oil to your cuticles. It’s a great cuticle softener. Add it to each nail and cuticle area, rub it in, and it will soften everything. You can push your cuticles up and trim them if you like.

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6. Nail Growth Treatment

Castor oil is amazing for your nails, helping them grow longer, harder, stronger, and faster. The roller ball is a perfect way to apply it.

7. Split End Treatment

Castor oil is also amazing for split ends. Apply it a few hours before you wash your hair or before bed and let it sit on your hair all night. A little goes a long way. Apply it to the ends of your hair. It works great even for those without visible split ends as it helps prevent them from ever happening. It helps seal the cuticle, reduces the appearance of split ends, and prevents further damage.

8. Hairball Relief for Pets

If you have pets, maybe a cat who gets hairballs, you can put just a couple of drops of castor oil in their food each day. It will help the fur pass through their digestive system rather than upsetting their stomach and causing them to puke. Start small, literally one or two drops, and it will make a big difference.

9. Relieving Constipation

Castor oil is great for relieving constipation. You can apply it directly to your stomach before bed, and it will help with digestion the following day. Many people take spoonfuls of it internally, starting with only a teaspoon and working their way up. It’s a better way to address constipation than many other remedies.

10. WD-40 Replacement

You can use castor oil as a WD-40 replacement. For a squeaky door or hinge, apply a little castor oil with a paper towel, dab it on the hinge, move it back and forth, and it will instantly take away the sound.

11. Leather Conditioner

Josh was impressed with this surprising use of castor oil as a leather conditioner for shoes, bags, belts, and any leather item. Apply it with a paper towel directly onto the leather. It will shine, increase suppleness, and prevent cracking. The before and after on shoes is impressive.

12. Rust Remover

Although I haven’t personally tried this, castor oil can be used as a rust remover. If you have something full of rust, apply castor oil, let it sit for a few hours or overnight, and then scrub with a strong-bristled brush. It should remove the rust.

13. Garden Pest Repellent

Gardeners love castor oil as a natural pest repellent. Mix equal parts castor oil, water, and dish soap in a spray bottle and spray the leaves of your plants. It will repel pests without harmful chemicals.

14. Congestion Relief

If you are sick and congested, you can use castor oil in a humidifier. Add it to the water, stir it in, and use the humidifier at night. It will loosen congestion, lubricate your sinuses, and provide relief. I used this for my son Hayes when he was congested, and it made a big difference.

15. Miracle Stories

I want to share more details about what happened to my mom when I was just a little girl. She developed lumps in her breasts and was very concerned. The doctors recommended a biopsy, but she wanted to try a natural route first. She used castor oil packs on her chest every single night and limited her sugar intake. After a few months, the lumps completely went away. Although we will never know if it was cancer, as she never got a biopsy, it was a miraculous result. If you have lumps in your body, consult a doctor, but consider trying castor oil packs as well.

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